NEWS CLUES: Like The Grandmother Of All Truth

MAN STABS WIFE TO DEATH, IS THEN KILLED BY SNOWSTORM argument between a husband and wife Sunday led to a stabbing and traffic accident that left both people dead, police said. Melissa Field, 44, was stabbed to death at her Far-Southside home, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. While officers were on their way to the residence, they were alerted that a car had crashed into a tree a few blocks away [NOT pictured, left]. The driver of the car was Kevin Field, 51, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe Kevin Field stabbed his wife to death, possibly in front of their three children, according to IMPD spokesman Kendale Adams. Police said Kevin Field apparently stabbed his wife in an argument, leaving her to die. He then got into a 1992 Lincoln and drove away. At the intersection of Carson Avenue and Lindbergh Drive, police found the Lincoln had smashed into a tree, apparently at high speed, on roads that were slippery from the morning’s snow. [via THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR]

GREAT GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS DISCOVERED IN MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPT great-grandmother of Jesus was a woman named Ismeria, according to Florentine medieval manuscripts analyzed by a historian.The legend of St. Ismeria, presented in the current Journal of Medieval History, sheds light on both the Biblical Virgin Mary’s family and also on religious and cultural values of 14th-century Florence. “I don’t think any other woman is mentioned” as Mary’s grandmother in the Bible, Catherine Lawless, author of the paper, told Discovery News. “Mary’s patrilineal lineage is the only one given.” “Mary herself is mentioned very little in the Bible,” added Lawless, a lecturer in history at the University of Limerick. “The huge Marian cult that has evolved over centuries has very few scriptural sources.” [via DISCOVERY]

SEARCHERS BELIEVE THEY MAY HAVE FOUND AMELIA EARHART’S FINGER tiny bone fragment could provide crucial information about the fate of Amelia Earhart, the legendary pilot who disappeared 73 years ago while flying over the Pacific Ocean in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator.Collected on Nikumaroro, an uninhabited tropical island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, the bone has raised the interest of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has long been investigating the Earhart mystery,  as it may be from a human finger. The phalax was found together with other artifacts during a month-long expedition last June to the tiny coral atoll believed to be Earhart’s final resting place. [via DISCOVERY]

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