Criminally Insane Du Pont Heir Dies In Prison

ACTION NEWS: Du Pont was serving a 13 to 30 year sentence for 3rd degree murder in the January 26, 1996 shooting death of David Schultz. Schultz was a 1984 Olympic gold medalist who was killed outside his home, which was on Du Pont’s estate, Foxcatcher Farm in Newtown Square, Delaware County. Du Pont fancied himself a patron to wrestlers and built a world-class training facility at his estate. For two days, Du Pont barricaded himself inside his mansion. MORE

DELCO TIMES: Du Pont would talk of his meetings with Henry Kissinger, Truman Capote and Anwar Sadat. Glazier said he asked du Pont if he knew how lucky he was to be able to rub shoulders with such people. Du Pont never seemed impressed, Glazier said. Not only was du Pont calling himself the Dalai Lama, but he’s been dressing up in a long, red, ceremonial robe as well. That’s the story former Foxcatcher wrestler Adam Derengowski said he heard from friends who still train at the du Pont estate. Derengowski, of Mount Laurel, N.J., trained at Foxcatcher from 1989 to 1992. He lived on the estate in the summer of ’91 and considered Dave Schultz a great mentor. Derengowski said though he always considered du Pont a little strange, he’d never seen such a dark side before that day. Derengowski said there were always rumors of alcohol and drug abuse, and du Pont would pick his arms and legs sore. And lately, he heard stories of him constantly waving guns around. One person told him that he shot at the walls because he thought “people were inside them.” MORE

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