DEENEY: Breaking The Silence Of The Lambs

“Out here it’s not living, it’s existing” from The Daily Beast Video on Vimeo.

THE DAILY BEAST: A fresh wave of fear chilled Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue over the weekend, when 22-year-old Allison Edwards was found strangled in an apartment in the nearby Juniata Park neighborhood. The police have yet to confirm a connection between Edwards’ death and those of confirmed Kensington Avenue Strangler victims Nicole Piacentini and Elaine Goldberg, but the similarities are enough to rekindle concerns of a serial killer stalking women in North Philadelphia. The victims are far from random: They are the cocaine and heroin addicts who score on the drug corners near Kensington Avenue, known as “the stroll,” and risk their lives on “walking dates” that take them to the neighborhood’s abandoned buildings and lots. A few of these women spoke with us on camera. MORE

DEENEY: On The Kensington Strangler

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