KITCHEN BITCH: Leftoverture MAVIS LINNEMANN I, like you, am still eating turkey and I’m starting to get sick of it. I decided last night that I wanted to make something very homey with my leftover turkey in the spirit of the holidays, something comforting but not at all related to Thanksgiving. In moments like these, there’s only one place to turn: mom. My mom was (still is) the queen of comfort food. Since there were so many mouths to feed in my family (triplets + me and my dad), casseroles were a staple in my mom’s culinary repertoire, and it’s no wonder why: they’re easy to prepare, warm, comforting and you can hide vegetables in between the layers. One casserole we kids really loved was my mom’s chicken tetrazzini. Made with spaghetti, creamy canned soup, chicken and peas, we thought it was the best thing to happen to us since sliced bread. It’s probably been almost 10 years since I’ve had it, so I decided to make a version of it last night. I was feeling lazy after all the Thanksgiving hullabaloo and Christmas decorating (I know y’all are feeling me here), so I decided to forgo making my own cream sauce in favor of those great pantry staples, cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup. Yes, I know, it’s very Sandra Lee semi-homemade of me, but I just wanted deliciousness without all the fuss. I know many moms out there are going to love this recipe, because almost all the ingredients are probably already in your pantry or fridge. That’s the beauty of casserole recipes—you can change them up based upon whatever’s in your fridge. This creamy, mushroom- and pea-based casserole is a great way to use up that leftover turkey without feeling like you’re actually eating more turkey. (Please, no more turkey! No more cranberries! No more Thanksgiving until next year!) Turkey Tetrazzini is a home-style American dish that’s sure to win over your family, your wallet, and your leftover turkey. MORE

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