MYSTERY: The Boy Who Fell To Earth?

BOSTON GLOBE: The teen’s mutilated body was discovered Nov. 15 on the lawn of a posh Milton home at 9:30 p.m. Police said he had severe head trauma and his legs and arms were broken. Parts of his remains were found in two places on Brierbrook Street. An autopsy also found no clear sign of death, beyond the obvious trauma. A toxicology report is pending. FAA and Logan officials told the Herald yesterday that jets inbound to Boston from the south do drop their landing gear at about 2,000 feet in the air — right over Milton. And a flight from North Carolina did pass over Milton that night, according to online flight records. MORE

RELATED: The FAA said there have been 63 aircraft flights involved in wheel-well stowaways since 1996. Out of those, 60 people died and 12 survived. Some of those flights had multiple people stowing away. Last month a Russian teen survived a 50-minute flight in a turboprop aircraft. MORE

RELATED: Pat-downs will take longer than body scans. According to the TSA, body scans take about five seconds, with an extra 15 to 20 seconds for processing. Pat-downs take one to two minutes. Pat-downs are conducted by TSA officers who are the same sex as the person being screened. Children age 12 and younger who require extra screening will receive a “modified” pat-down. The TSA has declined to provide specifics of its pat-down procedures. Travelers have the right to request that a screening be conducted in private. Travelers have the right to request that a witness be present for a screening. TSA officers are prohibited from bringing electronic devices such as cellphones into the body-scan viewing room. Officers can be fired for violating the policy, the TSA says. MORE

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