SPORTO: Donnybrook McNabb MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY I know you didn’t like the “Air Guitar”. Or the crunch-time vomiting. I know McNabb never figured out how to truly connect with the Eagles’ fan base. But how has he managed to generate such strong animosity from such a large and vocal segment of Eagles fans? What exactly is his crime? Is it failing to win the Super Bowl? Every other Eagles QB for the last 40 years shares that crime. Is it not living up to expectations? The man was booed from the instant the Eagles drafted him, expectations were very low! Donovan didn’t always have his teammates’ back after a loss, but he always took the high road in any dispute. I’m just trying to figure out how a dude who was mostly a good guy, always gave his all and had more success than any other QB in franchise history has become the target for such abuse from so many directions. Even Rush Limbaugh takes shots at Donovan.

The rocky ride has continued in Washington. After just half a season, McNabb has faced the humiliation of being benched in a tight game for punch-line QB Rex Grossman. This would be like firing your tax attorney on April 14th and replacing him with MC Hammer. Then McNabb’s coach and the coach’s son spent the next several days making a PR circus out of the affair, further embarrassing Donovan. The perceived slight was so great, numerous pundits opined that the damage was irreparable and McNabb would certainly leave Washington after the season. What did he do to deserve that mess? Donovan has made the Redskins much more competitive this year, but they’re still totally average. McNabb has a chance to really torpedo the Birds’ ambitions by beating them for a second time this year. And if he does, the Haters can claim that it’s now six straight Eagles seasons ruined by McNabb.

Here’s how we stand after nine weeks:

DONOVAN McNABB vs. EAGLES QBs, 10-point must scoring system


McNabb         Eagles             Notes

Week 1              10                    8                    Kolb brutal, concussed. Redskins win

Week 2               9                   10                    Huge numbers for McNabb, but Eagles win

Week 3               8                   10                    Vick destroys Jags; Skins lose

Week 4              10                    9                    Vick injured; McNabb shaky but Skins win

Week 5              10                    9                    McNabb leads Skins comeback

Week 6               9                   10                    Kolb punishes Falcons

Week 7              10                    9                    Both poor, but Redskins win

Week 8/9            7                   10                    McNabb benched for Grossman

Totals                73                  75

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