EARLY WORD: Tunng And Groove


Far from their folktronic cousins The Books, Tunng employs a much poppier sound. They seamlessly weave together acoustic instruments with synthesizers creating an ethereal folk landscape. Listening to this album in stereo, you begin to appreciate just how much thought Mike Lindsay puts into his music. Most tracks have two or more varying acoustic guitar tracks panned to either side, which mesh so well in mono you could swear it was all one instrument. Under these the synths, samples, drum tracks and general strange and exotic sounds are spliced to create an incredibly unique sound. The album …And Then We Saw Land is what any former Tunng enthusiast can expect. More of the same beautiful folktronic tunes, but this time Mike Lindsay has completely taken over the reigns. Depending on the song he brings who ever he sees fit to complete his musical visions. The album starts off strong with the extremely upbeat “Hustle,” blending the unlikely banjo and synthesizer to create an irresistibly catchy and cute little pop song. While Hustle has been getting all the public attention the album’s highlight for me is definitely “The Roadside.” It pans different slightly imperfect guitar riffs to either side while the much more grounded synths, humming and piano in combination with some psyched out drums carry the song. Lindsay and his female accomplice Becky Jacobs meld their voices to create an old folk tune with a new face. At times the album turns slightly more to the bands electronic side on tunes like “Sashimi” and “By Dusk They Were In The City,” while tunes like “October,” which is about as close to “Scarborough Fair” as you’re going to get in this century, lean much more heavily on the folk roots of this fascinating English group. The album isn’t all gold however there really isn’t a tune I disliked. If you’re a Tunng fan its easy to tell yourself that every song is brilliant. Either way it is a very solid album and in combination with his previous work, Mike Lindsay promises to put on a very enjoyable show. — PELLE GUNTHER

Tunng + The 1900s + Buried Beds perform at Johnny Brenda’s tonight

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