EARLY WORD: Laugh, Clown, Laugh



Tonight marks the beginning of the third-annual Philly SketchFest, a week-long series of comedy events, featuring a collection of rib-tickling skits, stand-up, and improvisation, courtesy of the Philadelphia Comedy Collective. The event features celebrity judges along with guest hosts including Doogie Horner from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and locally renowned writer and performer Don Montrey, known for, among other things, his Philadelphia comedy show “DIE ACTOR DIE.”

The Philadelphia Comedy Collective is made up of the Philadelphia Improv Festival, Philly SketchFest, and the Philadelphia Joke Initiative, which have all pooled together this November to celebrate the first-ever Comedy Month in Philadelphia. Together, these organizations comprise the second largest collection of comedic performances in the city, aside from the annual Philly Fringe Festival. Comedy Month is now in its second week, and the SketchFest is just getting started with “Game Show Hysteria!” featuring comical revisions of “Pyramid” & “To Tell The Truth,” hosted by stand-up comedian Doogie Horner who appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and against all adversities, managed to win over a crowed that booed him off the stage before he had the opportunity to tell any of the jokes he had written down.

Also part of SketchFest is the “Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia” contest, where different groups from across the country do their best to outperform one another in a no holes barred match-up of regional prejudices, stereotypes, and dick jokes hosted by its creator, Philly native Don Montrey. Sketch groups from New Jersey, New York, and Boston will be appearing during SketchFest, as well as popular Philadelphia-based teams, including Meg & Rob, The Feeko Brothers, Secret Pants, Animosity Pierre, and The Waitstaff. SketchFest runs from November 8-14. A ticket to any one of the nightly performances costs $10.00, but repeat audiences can use their ticket stubs from previous shows to get in for $5.00. You can get your tickets or view the full schedule of events at www.philly-sketchfest.com. — ARTHUR SHKOLNIK

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