Full Body Scanner Operational At Philly INTL


FOX 29: The first full body scanner are now in operation at Philadelphia International Airport. 450 scanners will be installed in 65 airports nationwide by the close of 2010. So, what does this new technology mean for you? Is it too revealing? It is an invasion of privacy? Some say that these images go too far in the name of safety. Others have no problem with this safety measure. Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell reports that when you walk thru Terminal F at the airport, you actually have a choice. You can go thru the whole body scanner or take the traditional route of the metal detector and a pat down. MORE

MSNBC: Starting Thursday, the manual search will involve a slide of the hand compared to the traditional pat down, NBC News has learned. TSA agents will use the front of their hands in searches, and the new process will include an agent running his or her hand up the inside of a passenger’s leg. TSA did not confirm details for security reasons, but did acknowledge a change in procedure. “TSA is in the process of implementing an enhanced pat-down at security checkpoints as one of our many layers of security,” said Luis Casanova, a TSA public affairs officer. Pat downs are used on passengers who opt out of full-body scanner technology, as well as those that set off walk-through metal detectors or are selected for a random search. MORE

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