The Corporate Takeover Of The Supreme Court

THINK PROGRESS: In an unfortunate interview with Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr, Justice Stephen Breyer rejected the notion that the Roberts Court is unusually pro-corporate because business interest “have always done pretty well.”  Yet a new empirical study by the progressive Constitutional Accountability Center demonstrates that Breyer is mistaken.  The study compares the right-wing Chamber of Commerce’s win-rate since Justice Alito joined the Court in January of 2006 to their win-rate twenty-five years ago, and the results are clear and undeniable. […] Significantly, this ideological shift in favor of corporations appears to be driven entirely by the Court’s conservative members.  While a member of the Court’s more moderate bloc still votes with the Chamber 43% of the time — a rate that is comparable with conservative Justice William Rehnquist’s votes in the early 1980s — the five conservatives have become consistent votes for the Chamber’s position.  In other words, left-leaning justices have largely stood still, while the Court’s conservatives sprinted into the arms of corporate America. MORE

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