Philadelphia Averages 700 Home Invasions A Year

DAILY NEWS: Home-invasion robberies, besides leading to lost possessions or physical injury, also take a psychological toll on victims and neighborhoods, experts say. And the residential robberies happen more often than you might think. There have been more than 700 in the city every year since 2005, and less than half have resulted in arrests. “When your main base of safety is taken away from you, it feels like no place is safe,” said psychologist Robin Lowey, who has worked with crime victims for 20 years. “It’s a normal reaction to abnormal circumstances.” […]  According to police, intruders usually know their victims, whether from the neighborhood or through mutual acquaintances. The invasions stem from the notion that victims may have money either from a business, drugs or a perception that they are well-off based on their residence, block or possessions. Home invaders learn their victims’ habits, and the attacks are calculated, said Northeast Detectives Capt. John McGinnis, who described residential robberies as a horrible crime that doesn’t always get reported. “It’s such a personal crime,” said Lt. Joseph Walsh of Southwest Detectives. “It’s a very intimate attack. It’s almost like being raped.” MORE

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