BACK IN BLACK: Still Amy After All These Years

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: The usually upbeat Harper’s Bazaar got WiHo for their November issue, which also includes interviews with Michelle Obama and Christina Hendricks, and their profile of her reads like one of the most honest to have run in the magazine in some time. Maybe they couldn’t resist sharing the less flattering moments of their time with her because being on set with her was, well, like this:

Just before Winehouse goes to change for the next shot, I see her gulping down a big glass of wine. “Not,” she says aloud, “that I’m a rock-star alkie.”

I have no idea what prompted this, but I can say that 45 minutes later, she is changed. She is physically unstable, wobbly in high block heels. Soon, she begins a chorus-girl routine for the camera—complete with cha-chas and pirouettes. “Hurry up, Bryan!” she shouts. “This is like a three-hour-long blood extraction!” She hikes her black-and-white-checked miniskirt up and shakes her hips.

The shoot wraps, and Winehouse walks unsteadily from the set.

One of Winehouse’s representatives sat in on the interview, which isn’t uncommon with really major celebrities. But the person couldn’t help that WiHo, reporter Polly Vernon writes, “is just not … present. She is distracted and vague. My most straightforward questions confuse her.” MORE

HARPERS BAZAAR: I want to ask Winehouse many things. Is she happy? Healthy? Working on new material? In love? How is her relationship with her father, the outspoken London taxicab driver, Mitch? Does she miss Blake? Does she want marriage? Children? But, I quickly realize, I am unlikely to get any answers. She is just not … present. She is distracted and vague. My most straightforward questions confuse her. MORE

THE SUN: Pop waster AMY WINEHOUSE claims she hasn’t touched drugs in almost THREE YEARS. The Grammy winner’s crippling addiction to crack cocaine and heroin put her in hospital in 2007. But she insists she has now kicked the habit that threatened to destroy her career and life. Although snaps of her slumped unconscious on a pub table following an all-night bender in August suggest she may still enjoy a drink or three. Amy, 27, said: “I’m much healthier now. I used to use drugs and I haven’t used drugs in almost three years. It’s not a hard thing. MORE

NEWS BLAZE: Pop tart Amy Winehouse has been spotted hitting the pubs with a bandage on her right wrist. Some tabloids claim Winehouse broke her hand after punching a door following a phone conversation. But the Daily Mail reports that she tripped at home and broke her fall with her hand. It should be noted that the crazy chanteuse is currently living with Pete Doherty, the most notorious junkie in the history of pop music. MORE

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