Kennett Square Man’s Japanese-Style ‘Detergent Suicide’ Is An Increasingly Popular Way To Go

INQUIRER: A 30-year-old Kennett Square man used a deadly mixture to create hydrogen sulfide inside his vehicle and end his life Monday, authorities said. The man, who has not been identified by police, became the first reported Chester County victim of a method of suicide being reported “with alarming frequency,” said Tom Glass, the county’s hazardous materials coordinator. Glass said the practice of creating this type of gas originated in Japan in 2008 but has been used increasingly in the United States. In March, similar incidents were found in Bucks and Lehigh Counties, he said. It has been called “detergent suicide” because the chemicals often come from household cleaners. The car was in a field off East Hillendale Road at Virginia Place in Pennsbury Township. The victim was thought to have combined an acid with a sulfur substance to produce the toxic gas. MORE

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