ARMIES OF THE NIGHT: Where The Security-Industrial Complex Meets The Corporate Oligarchy

THE NATION: Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation. Blackwater’s work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater’s owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC). Prince is listed as the chairman of both companies in internal company documents, which show how the web of companies fun: The Democratic governor on Tuesday apologized for monitoring that has included notices of a gay and lesbian festival, screening of a movie about the state’s Marcellus Shale natural gas rush, and a rally in support of the governor’s school spending priorities.

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RELATED: The September 2009 letter from Perelman said the annual cost was $108,000, slightly lower than the amount Rendell has said the deal was worth. Rendell spokesman Gary Tuma said Wednesday the service will not be renewed when it expires next month, and that if additional reports are generated they will not be disseminated. […] Josh Fox, director of the documentary “Gasland,” said he was angry and stunned that a showing of his movie drew the notice of the monitors. He said people opposed to the shale drilling had previously told him they suspected they were being watched. MORE

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