We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It

GOLD SOUNDZ: Pavement, The Mann, Last Night, BY TIFFANY YOON

DAN DELUCA: The quality of Pavement’s shows was always determined by Malkmus’ mood, and on this night the 44-year-old Portland, Ore., auteur was gracious and engaged, and willing to deliver rarities such as the early single “Box Elder” and choice cuts such as the hummable Smashing Pumpkins-dissing “Range Life.” He was also keen to remind people that Pavement is a great guitar band. Crooked Rain’s “Elevate Me Later,” an early set highlight, was Exhibit A. But it was not all about Malkmus. Kannberg’s songs “Kennel District” and “Date w/IKEA,” were both compact, melodic highlights. And boundlessly energetic hype man and percussionist Bob Nastanovich made his presence felt, raging on during “Fight This Generation” and taking his wireless microphone into a crowd that knew every word to every song. MORE

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