CONCERT REVIEW: Of Montreal/Janelle Monae JONATHAN VALANIA Where Of Montreal recreated the songs of its extant albums with note-perfect clarity, opening act Janelle Monae’s set was a hot mess and I don’t mean that in a good way. Hard to say if it was the soundman’s ham-fisted jiggering of the mixing board faders or the Electric Factory’s notoriously unforgiving acoustics, or some combination of the two, but Monae’s much-anticipated set was an inchoate blur of sound, rendering standout tracks from her deservedly-acclaimed major label debut The ArchAndroid all but indecipherable. Even when the rest of the band left the stage and Monae duetted with her guitarist on Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” it sounded like they were playing two different songs at the same time. Not good. MORE

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