PAYBACK IS A BITCH:Fresh Air-Censoring Executive Director Of Mississippi Public Radio Resigns Her Post

CLARION LEDGER: Judith Lewis has resigned as executive director of Mississippi Public Broadcasting. In a statement released by Mississippi Authority for Educational Television, Chairman Bob Sawyer said the board is disappointed and wishes Lewis the best, saying the board will now thoroughly review candidates to fill the position. Lewis could not be reached for comment. Lewis had not been seen at MPB offices in recent weeks. When asked about her absence, MPB officials denied she was on administrative leave. Her decision on July 8 to pull the popular national Fresh Air radio program drew criticism and national attention. It sparked creation of a Facebook Fan page – “Bring Fresh Air back to Mississippi.” Lewis cited “gratuitous discussions on issues of an explicit sexual nature” for her decision to drop Fresh Air from the lineup after Terry Gross’ conversation with the star of the FX television series Louie – the second time the program had been dropped in nine months. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Mississippi NPR Chief Pulls Fresh Air From State Airwaves, Citing No Redeeming Educational Value

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