COMING ATTRACTION: Q&A With Richard Thompson


In honor of the mighty Richard Thompson playing the Philadelphia Folk Festival this weekend, we got the man on the horn to talk about Fairport Convention, reuniting onstage with his ex-wife/partner Linda Thompson, his new album and why he won’t be playing “Calvary Cross” at the Folk Fest. Look for it this week. Here’s a taste…

PHAWKER: And you mentioned your ex-wife slash musical partner Linda Thompson.


PHAWKER: You had recently performed together for the first time in 30 years; can you tell me a little bit about that experience and how it came about in the first place?

RICHARD THOMPSON: Yeah, it came about because we were both performing on a tribute show to Kate McGarrigle, who died this year, and there were many many artists on the bill, and there was a song that Linda was singing on her own, so it started because she needed a guitar accompaniment and I was happy to do that. So, I mean, I could see it as “this is a big reunion,” and it really couldn’t go anywhere else. It was a one night thing and I was sort of the designated guitar player, and it was fine and the audience seemed to like it.

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