THE SPY WHO LEFT ME: Ex-Hubbie Tells All Some


THE TELEGRAPH: The British ex-husband of alleged spy Anna Chapman has disclosed a series of emails she sent him weeks before her arrest, describing her regrets over the life she had chosen. Mrs Chapman, 28, told Alex Chapman she had “suffered a lot” because of her decision to put her career ahead of a chance to start a family with him. But she said she was determined to make her new life in America work, adding: “It’s never too late to be happy and succeed.”  Mrs Chapman, who was arrested in the US last weekend as part of an 11-strong suspected spying ring, was married to public school-educated Mr Chapman for four years before they divorced in 2006. But the couple remained close friends and were in regular phone and email contact.Mr Chapman told The Daily Telegraph he and his then wife had discussed having a baby and he believes they would have started a family together if she hadn’t become obsessed with a new career after “secretive” meetings with Russians. MORE

THE GUARDIAN: The British father-in-law of Anna Chapman has spoken of his bewilderment after hearing she had been arrested following accusations that she is associated with a Russian spy ring. Kevin Chapman, father of Alex Chapman, said: “If there is any grain of truth in all of this, then I think that Anna was set up or seduced into something because of the glamour. I feel very sorry for her. She must be feeling very frightened right now. “She’s simply not some Mata Hari, she can’t be… she’s just an ordinary girl,” he told the Daily Mail. Chapman, 56, batted back claims that the Russian diplomat’s daughter had married his son in order to obtain a British passport. “I’m convinced it wasn’t a honey trap. They were so much in love. It just doesn’t add up,” said the mortgage advisor from Weybridge in Surrey. MORE

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