MEDIA: King Of The Softballs To Go Dark


[photo by RAY FISHER]

LOS ANGELES TIMES: After a quarter century as host of “Larry King Live,” the centerpiece of CNN’s prime-time lineup and a required stamping ground for striving politicians and contrite celebrities, the 76-year-old announced Tuesday that he will be leaving the program this fall. In a nod to how much the medium has changed since King began broadcasting in 1957, he broke the news himself on Twitter. “The daily grind is tough,” King said in a phone call moments after his tweet went out. “And there are aspects of it, you know, when you’ve got to do tabloid shows, which is the nature of the business, you’ve got to do the girl that’s missing in Aruba. It’s hard to make the case that that is major news, but that’s what news is today. And my curiosity runs to that, but not nightly.” MORE

THE LARRY KING ENIGMA: Intrigued by the notion of a super secret society controlling world events, King began a 15 year quest to uncover truth.   While seemingly interviewing celebrities (usually older ones) with his trademark softball questions, King was really trying to lull them into a false sense of security in hopes of another Randall-esque gaffe.   King soon realized that the Supremacy was probably aware of his search, and in 1964,larrykingmugshot.jpg enlisted the aid of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, most famous for his investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.   King and Garrison launched an investigation into the Supremacy under the cover of Garrison’s Kennedy Conspiracy investigation.   Their investigation led them to the brink of discovering not only the membership but the true purpose of the Supremacy, when suddenly King was arrested in 1971 for passing bad checks in Florida.  However, this arrest was merely a cover-up for the Supremacy’s true purpose, the recruitment of Larry King.   In reality, King and Garrison were abducted by Randall and Klugman in late 1970.   Randall was still embarrassed by his gaffe in 1958 where he divulged the existence of the Supremacy and was determined to silence King.  Randall quickly dispatched Garrison and had him replaced by a Lorne Green-style android (see Total Supremacy hierarchy).   For King, however, Klugman, had a better idea. He concocted a plan to use King as a celebrity interviewer/mainstream voice for the Supremacy.   King was asked to continue with his trademark easy questions to whichever dead or impersonated celebrity the Supremacy wanted to use to spread subliminal signals over the airwaves.   In reward for his loyalty, King was offered a position in the Supremacy (possibly within the top 10 slots).   King readily accepted the deal, and to this day continues to be broadcast nightly on his CNN Talkshow. Some of his favorite and most consistently re-occurring guests over the years have, ironically, been Tony Randall and Jack Klugman.  King has also interviewed every one of the Masters from Nixon onward.   In fact, to this day, the only confirmed Supremacy members not interviewed by Larry king are Orson Welles and Lorne Greene. MORE

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