FACT CHECK: Who’s Afraid Of Elena Kagan?


[illustration by KERRY WAGHORN]

Myth: Kagan banned military recruiters from Harvard

Myth: Kagan is “anti-military”

Myth: Kagan is “radical”

Myth: Kagan’s praise for an Israeli Supreme Court justice shows she’s a radical (NEW)

Myth: Kagan’s thesis shows she’s a socialist

Myth: Conservatives can credibly argue that Kagan’s personal and political views are relevant to confirmation process

Myth: “Kagan Standard” means Kagan must answer questions about issues that will come before the Supreme Court

Myth: Kagan’s Goldman Sachs role taints her nomination

Myth: Conservative opposition is based on the substance of Kagan’s nomination

Myth: Obama used “empathy” standard rather than fealty to law in choosing Kagan

Myth: Kagan is unqualified because she hasn’t been a judge (UPDATED)sean_hannity_fox_news_pancakes.jpg

Myth: Kagan has said judicial experience is an “apparent necessity”

Myth: Republicans would be justified in opposing Kagan because she lacks a judicial paper trail

Myth: Kagan is “Obama’s Harriet Miers”

Myth: Kagan’s record shows that she will rubber-stamp war-on-terror policies

Myth: Kagan’s 23-year-old statements about the Establishment Clause suggest she’s hostile to religion

Myth: Kagan’s recusal obligations would be “extraordinary”

Myth: Kagan “can become” too “emotionally involved on issues she deeply cares about”

Myth: Kagan not “fair-minded, impartial” and doesn’t have “proper temperament to be a judge”

Myth: Kagan is anti-free speech

Myth: Kagan supports banning books…MORE

[courtesy of MEDIA MATTERS]

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