HELLO KITTY: Good Samaritan Wanted


BRENDAN CALLING: Living in our neighborhood are a few semi-feral cats who have kittens on a frighteningly regular basis. We’ve adopted two in the past year, inviting Henry, a grey tabby mix, into the house in January 2009, and bringing Little Elvis, an orange tabby mix who fit in the palm of my hand and was practically dead, inside in October. Both have since had kittens that need homes. Baby Little Elvis is doing quite well for himself as an outdoor cat, but Baby Henry is not. He (she?) has the same eye infection Little Elvis had when we adopted him. If left untreated, the kitten will go blind and die. We have no more room for more cats in our house, so I’m looking for someone to adopt this plucky little kitty. We’ve actually done a bunch of the legwork already, getting the little cat used to human touch by petting him when we feed him. Contact me through comments, and PLEASE share this post with other people you know who love cats. MORE

UPDATE: I got confirmation today that one of my co-workers is going to take Baby Henry. She was one of the first to ask, we share an office which makes the transition super-convenient, and so the choice was made. i hope those of you who offered to adopt are not too disappointed. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for offering to take in the kitty and/or for making a donation.  All told there’s $100 toward his vet fees, and I will be giving that to the woman who’s adopted him to offset her costs.

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