KARMA: From The Dept. Of You Reap What You Sow

sweeneycartoon.jpgDAN GROSS: We hear the longtime girlfriend/business partner of a local hipster blogger, whose relevance continues to decline, has finally come to her senses and left him. MORE

PHAWKER: Ouch, babe.

BRIAN MCMANUS:  Through my iChats with Sweeney I’ve come to realize that dude really believes with all his fey heart that to write a story about someone means you’re endorsing their beliefs, or in bed with them somehow. Check our archives for his musings while on staff here and you’ll see it’s true. If he wasn’t writing about his friends, he was shooting fish in a barrel. Or, worse still, writing embarrassing first person narratives about his failed marriage. (Not linking. You’ll thank me.) Perhaps that’s why he was fired. Damn it. I said I’d be brief. And I haven’t even gotten to the title. I was going to draw a rock-solid parallel between Sweeney and The Office’s Dwight Schrute, and how both are sad men so caught up in their own rabid and off-base dogma neither can see that everyone (read: EVERYONE) is laughing at them. MORE

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