SPORTO: About Last Night


sportsguycroppedthumbnail.thumbnail.jpgBY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY Oy. Oof. Ugh. Has there ever been a worse goal to end a Stanley Cup Final? Has there ever been a worse goal? I’m not here to kill Michael Leighton, but you can’t win a Stanley Cup when you give up soft goals in four separate games. Yes, the Flyers wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did without Leighton, but in the Finals they needed him to at least be solid, not putrid. It’s the same old story for the last twenty years, outplayed between the pipes. And the Flyers have tried to address the issue any number of times, but it’s like there’s a Hex on the position. This offseason we need to bring in some voodoo guys or witch doctors or Satanists or something to decursify the goals in Philadelphia. Or maybe the Flyers could use all their picks in the next two drafts and take 14 goalies. One of them has to pan out. Gotta do something. Maybe the witch doctor can also curse Jeremy Roenick’s voice so I don’t have to listen to this jerk-off call hockey games for the next twenty years. Man, I couldn’t stand this self-promoting prick when he was a Flyer (can’t remember the exact quote to explain his neglect of his positional duties to deliver big hit but it was something like, “Gotta play JR hockey!”). Then he’s crying for his beloved Chicago Blackhawks during the postgame. Show some objectivity, guy. Enough of that. Congrats to the Flyers, awesome run, I had a great time. Thanks.

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