APPRECIATION: Let Us Now Praise Andrew WK


u2_boy.thumbnail.jpgBY JAMIE DAVIS Andrew W.K. is a god. And I don’t mean that in the sort of way Jimmy Page is a god, or John Lennon is a god. I mean that he is the archetypal embodiment of pure awesomeness. He doesn’t fuss with metaphors, or new ideas, or silly things like that, he just takes the awesomest things he can think of and combines them. Epic orchestral opening, seguing into an even-more epic guitar solo, climaxing in a chorus that’s sheer will to annihilate will have you air-drumming like it’s 1985? That would be “Never Let Down,” whose video alone could explain you this man’s sheer awesome. And not only that, but almost every song on his first two albums are also this hell-bent on blasting out of your car speakers. Case in point, the words to his breakthrough single “Party Hard” don’t extend much beyond Let get a party going lets get a party going and now its time to party and we’ll party hard followed by Alright! and yeah! and then party hard party hard party hard over and over. His second single “She is Beautiful,” had the balls to include the lyric I never knew girls existed like you, but now that I do I’d really love to get know you. Genius.

Of course, if this wasn’t intentional it would just be uncreative eighties recycling garbage. But I honestly believe no-one could create something this perfect in it’s dumb/awesomeness without being intentional. You can’t just stumble on lyrics like you live alone, and I do to. I really really really really want you. Again, Genius. And his songs are perfectly recorded as well, every guitar and drum overdubbed to perfection, EQ’d, etc… The result is a wall of sound punching you right in the jaw, but in a cool way, like Tyler Durden in Fight Club —  so you just have to punch him back, but not cause you’re pissed or anything, you just really want to punch something. You think I’m kidding, but apparently his fans (who I’m guessing aren’t in on the joke) really do love to hit him at shows. Apparently he gets sent to the hospital fairly regularly. Weird, right?

Andrew W.K. blew up in the early 2000’s, released his two classic albums I Get Wet, and The Wolf, and then was forced to release his next two albums, albeit weird and just generally strange, only on vinyl in Japan, because of record label issues. After that he became a motivational speaker, and the host of Cartoon Network’s Destroy Build Destroy, which honestly sounds like a lyric he might write. However, just recently those last two discs have been released in the states. I dunno how badly you’ll want to listen to them, but this does mean that he’s going on a promotional tour, so you all will have the chance to experience a concert where you could possibly hear songs like “Party Till You Puke,” “Take It Off,” “Victory Strikes Again,” or maybe even “Make Sex,” if you’re lucky. I for one will be there, and I will be partying hard. I urge you all to do the same.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jamie Davis is a senior at Kimberton Waldorf High School.  He enjoys Blink-182 more than any Thom Yorke fan should.

ANDREW WK: She Is Beautiful

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