POLL: Sestak Opens A 9 Point Lead Over Specter

SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY POLL: Congressman Joe Sestak (49 percent) leads incumbent Arlen Specter (40 percent) by 9 points in the race for U.S. Senate among likely Democratic Primary voters in Pennsylvania, according to a poll released today by the Suffolk University Political Research Center. Twelve percent of voters were undecided. The winner of the Democratic Primary will most likely face Republican Pat Toomey, who led Peg Luksik 60 percent to 9 percent in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate. MORE

USA TODAY: Sestak, who is 58 and has great hair, brags about his surge in the polls in his latest ad, which touts him as representing a “new generation” of leadership. The ad features a photo of the 80-year-old Specter that seems to have been several years ago when the senator was nearly bald from chemotherapy treatments. Specter has since recovered. The accompanying photo shows how he looks now. MORE

WASHINGTON POST: The ad declares that the race is now a “dead heat,” and goes on to compare their records on core Democratic issues like women’s rights and the environment. It also trumpets Sestak’s record on civil rights, perhaps in hopes of cutting into Specter’s expected support among African Americans in Philadelphia. Note that Specter’s record is depicted on a red background, while Sestak’s is on a blue background. Nudge, nudge — get it? The spot also features Sestak claiming it’s time for a “new generation of leadership,” a none-too-subtle allusion to Specter’s longevity in the Senate. MORE

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