PRO TIP: Why The Shit-Faced Should NOT Choose The Parking Lot Of Police Headquarters To Sleep It Off

dumb-drunk-1026.jpgDAILY NEWS: Clifford Branch, 31, was lying in the passenger’s seat of his 2004 Dodge minivan in the parking lot at 8th and Race streets about 2 a.m. Saturday, when he was approached by two officers who told him he had to leave, police said. Instead of complying, Branch allegedly threatened the cops and told them he had a gun. The officers called for backup, and a patrol car parked behind Branch’s vehicle, police said. Branch then threw his van into reverse and hit the cop car before putting the van into drive, jumping the sidewalk and intentionally striking Officer John Keen, who was thrown into a concrete pillar, according to police. Keen was treated at Hahnemann University Hospital and released. After hitting Keen, Branch then drove onto the sidewalk before once again reversing into a patrol car, police said. When he finally exited the lot, Branch pulled onto 7th Street and drove south on the northbound roadway, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, police said. After he jumped the sidewalk again on 7th Street near Arch, police said, Branch’s vehicle became stuck and he was taken into custody. MORE

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