TEA BAGGERY: When Patriotism Goes Hollyweird

PHAWKER: If Leni Riefenstahl directed a Tea Party candidate ad, it would look and sound a lot like this.

FINANCIAL TIMES: Mr Burns, a 42-year-old self-made millionaire and Tea Party organiser, is harnessing the widespread public dissatisfaction with Congress even as he tries to join it. “I’m someone who has never been political but I’ve created a lot of jobs and know what it means to create a payroll,” he told the Financial Times after the gathering. His message is striking a chord with voters, and Democrats are facing the prospect of losing the May 18 special election to replace John Murtha, who died in February, for the final eight months of his term. Mr Murtha, known as the pork barrel king of Pennsylvania, kept a tight grip on the district even as it became more and more conservative, thanks to the largesse he could bestow on it as chairman of the House appropriations committee. His former district chief, Mark Critz, 48, is running on the Democratic ticket and is fashioning himself as Mr Murtha’s protégé. MORE

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