MEDIA: Fortune Magazine Can’t Handle The Truth


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THE CHICAGOIST: Chicago-based comic-book artist Chris Ware (who we are big fans of) was commissioned by Fortune magazine to create a cover for their May issue. The end result, though, was rejected. It seems a few of the images on the cover – including Guantanamo Bay prisoners, Mexican factory workers, and a few potshots at business execs and money-grubbing politicians – were too much for the kids at Fortune. MORE

FISHBOWLNY: Chris Ware, the brilliant comic-book artist behind the Acme Novelty Library, designed a May cover for capitalist-cheerleader magazine Fortune, only to see it killed. We can sort of see why. A high-res version of the image reveals tiny figures celebrating with wine and music on top of the golden skyscraper. One helicopter shovels money out of the Treasury building while another dumps bills on the rooftop revelers. Greece’s Treasury, meanwhile, is empty; orange-clad prisoners sit in Guantanamo Bay; and in Mexico, workers sit cramped in a “Fabrica de Exploitacion.” MORE

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