CONTEST: Fate Up Against Your Will


There are no losers here at Phawker, just people who haven’t won yet. With that in mind, let’s get one of you into pair of tickets for Echo & The Bunnymen at the Keswick Theater on Sunday April 25th. We can still vividly recall the spring of 1984, furtively blowing bong smoke out our dorm room window while Ocean Rain blared from its semi-permanent perch on the turntable, only to be replaced by the Smith’s Meat Is Murder and REM’s Reckoning. Ah, good times — even if the jocks kept calling us ‘faggot’ because of our Ian McCulloch haircut (actually, looking back at old pictures, we mighta brought that on ourselves, but still…). The first Phawker reader to email us at with correct answer to the following Echo and the Bunnymen trivia question – who played drums in the earliest version of the band?wins a pair of tickets to Sunday’s show . Put BUNNYMEN in the subject line and please include a daytime phone number. Good luck and godspeed.

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