THE JERKY BOY: Captain Janks Pranks Fox News

HUFFINGTON POST: A prank call to Fox News by an infamous Howard Stern super-fan made it on air on Monday. During a segment on a West Virginia mining accident, the trickster known as Captain Janks was introduced by anchor Shepard Smith as “Richard Kendrowski,” a spokesperson for “the energy company.” Asked to share information about the accident, Janks blurted out, “We’ve learned that Jamie Foxx is a c**t and that Howard Stern rules.” “That’s unfortunate,” Smith quickly interjected. “It’s never happened to us here but it’s always distressing when there are six people killed at a mine disaster and we’re waiting for 21 others to find out whether they are alive or dead and something like that sneaks by our screeners. Disgusting.” MOREPREVIOUSLY: Captain Janks Punks ESPN’s Sportscenter

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