City Finds $3.4 Million In An Old Pair Of Pants


INQUIRER: The U.S. Department of Defense handed over $3.4 million to the City of Philadelphia yesterday, after an Inspector General’s Office investigation found evidence of uncashed wage-tax checks from the federal government to the city from 2005. City Inspector General Amy Kurland came across the missing funds as part of an ongoing corruption investigation into a former city employee. Kurland declined to say much about that ongoing probe, but she said the city notified the Defense Department of what it found, and Defense records confirmed that the 2005 checks had never been cashed. Kurland said she did not know exactly who failed to cash the checks, nor did she know what had happened to the physical checks, which were not recovered. Kurland said the city is reconciling all wage-tax accounts involving federal agencies as part of its ongoing investigation, and she predicted that more uncashed funds would be found. MORE

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