JIHAD JERSEY: South NJ Man Captured In Yemen Terror Sweep Tried To Shoot His Way Out Of Hospital


EXAMINER: A New Jersey man from Buena Borough is accused of joining Yemen’s al Qaeda terrorists. Sharif Mobley is in custody in Yemen after an escape attempt in a deadly hospital rampage that left one guard dead. Yemeni officials charge that the 26 year-old Mobley was planning a terror attack. Mobley was apprehended and hospitalized last week.  In a thwarted escape attempt, Mobley killed a policeman on Sunday as he attempted to shoot his way out of the hospital reports say. His friends and family expressed shock. MORE

ASSOCIATED PRESS: WMGM-TV in Atlantic City quoted “federal sources” as saying Mobley is the man accused of shooting two guards over the weekend in a Yemeni hospital where he was being held prisoner. One of the guards died, and the suspect was caught after a chase. As his father, Charles Mobley, and his wife pulled out of their driveway on their way to see a lawyer Friday, he said: “I can tell you this: He’s no terrorist.” He was originally arrested as part of an earlier sweep against al-Qaida, according to other security officials, and was in prison on charges of membership of the group. He complained of being ill and was admitted to the hospital, where was held under heavy guard while he was treated for around a week until his escape attempt, said a member of the security forces. MORE

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