JIHAD JANE: Like A Bad Episode Of ‘Cops’


INQUIRER: She married young and badly. She bounced checks at Pizza Hut and the grocery. She hit the bottle to excess sometimes, talked to her cats, and once attempted suicide. And, as “JihadJane,” she spewed violent-sounding vitriol online for all the world – including law enforcement – to see. From what’s known about her so far, Colleen Renee LaRose is not coming off as the sharpest jihadist in the suburbs. The life of the Pennsburg woman who is due in federal court a week from today on terrorism charges is sounding ever more sad than scary. “She’s had a hard life, so tough that her life story is like a country music song,” said a person close to the investigation. MORE

DAILY NEWS: LaRose was arrested on a charge of public drunkenness in Upper Salford Township on Sept. 22, 2002, at which time she gave state police an address of Ferris, Texas, records show. She also was charged at that time with other offenses, including disorderly conduct. LaRose was stopped in Ferris for public intoxication in 2001 and in 2002. Court records showed that LaRose was arrested twice in 1997 in the San Antonio area, in one case on a DWI charge and the other for passing a bad check. MORE

JAWA REPORT: When she finally made an account which she actively solicited funds for the Pakistan Mujaheddin, which at this point I knew she had lars-vilks.jpgacquired the contacts for, I knew she had become a real threat for our safety and had officially violated U.S. Federal Law. It was time to report her. This being in July 2009 I formally called the FBI in Philadelphia to report her. MORE

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Lars Vilks [pictured, right] — the target of an alleged murder plot involving a U.S. woman who dubbed herself “Jihad Jane” — said he has no regrets about the drawing, which is considered deeply offensive by Muslims. “I’m actually not interested in offending the prophet. The point is actually to show that you can,” Vilks said in Stockholm. “There is nothing so holy you can’t offend it.” The 63-year-old artist said he has now built his own defense system, including a “homemade” safe room and a barbed-wire sculpture that could electrocute potential intruders. He also has an ax “to chop down” anyone trying to climb through the windows of his home. He said he had learned from U.S. media reports that Colleen R. LaRose, who called herself Jihad Jane, had visited the area where he lives, but he didn’t know whether that was correct. “I’m glad she didn’t kill me,” Vilks said, with a half-smile. MORE

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