SPARKLEHORSE: Sick Of Goodbyes

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Mark Linkous, the singer-songwriter who released his music under the band name Sparklehorse, has died after shooting himself in the chest in Tennessee. He was 47. Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk said Linkous shot himself outside a friend’s house around 1:20 p.m. Saturday with his own rifle. DeBusk said Linkous was staying with friends and became upset after receiving a text message. DeBusk said Linkous left no suicide note behind. The North Carolina-based artist was moving to Knoxville and staying with two friends, who told police Linkous was drinking and became upset after texting with an unknown person. After saying he didn’t want to talk about what was upsetting him, the friends said Linkous went upstairs for a short time, then left the house through a back door. A witness saw Linkous sit down nearby, take out his rifle, place it against his chest and pull the trigger. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: He was dead once for two breathless minutes in 1996…

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