POTUS To Make Monday Housecall At Arcadia Univ.


On the morning of Monday, March 8, 2010 President Obama will visit the Philadelphia area and deliver remarks on health insurance reform at Arcadia University.  This event is free and open to the public, however, tickets are required. Tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis on Saturday, March 6 at 3:30 PM in the Hospitality Room of the Kuch Recreation and Athletic Center at Arcadia University.

EXHUMING MCCARTHY: Lynn Cheney’s Farenheit 9/11

HUFFINGTON POST: Back in January 2007, Ted Olson — then a lawyer in private practice but previously a lead counsel in Bush v. Gore and solicitor general of the United States — co-authored a short article for Legal Times in which he called efforts to demonize detainee defense lawyers as antithetical to American values. “The ethos of the bar is built on the idea that lawyers will represent both the popular and the unpopular, so that everyone has access to justice. Despite the horrible Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this is still proudly held as a basic tenet of our profession,” Olson wrote. “When government officials are called ‘war criminals’ and when public-interest lawyers are called ‘terrorist huggers,’ it not only cheapens the discourse, it scrambles the dialogue. The best solutions to these difficult problems will emerge only when the best advocates, backed by weighty resources, bring their talents to bear. And the heavy work of creating solutions for these complicated issues can only move forward when the name-calling ceases.” MORE


NEW YORK TIMES: The Obama administration on Friday said that it would make no decision on where to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four accused co-conspirators in the Sept. 11 attacks “for weeks,” following a flare-up in the debate about whether that trial should take place in civilian court or before a military commission. In a statement, the White House sought to douse speculation that a trial decision may be imminent. That speculation was fanned by a report that aides to President Obama may recommend that he pull the prosecution out of civilian court and send it back to a military commission, where the Bush administration had planned to hold it. Still, in a conference call with reporters, three retired military officers said that holding a Sept. 11 trial in a military commission would be a grave mistake. All three had supported Mr. Obama a year ago when the president signed an order calling for the Guantánamo Bay prison to be closed. “I would be deeply saddened if this thing would be reversed,” said one of them, retired Army Major General William L. Nash. “It would give aid to our enemies. It would lessen our relationship with allies who have been extremely happy with the reversal of course we have taken. This is not the time to be scared.” MORE

ALSO: I’ve dealt with sound engineering for 30 years, as a film maker, interviewer, musician, working with master reel to reel tapes/decks at EMS joker-palin.jpgMusic in Seattle in the 80’s as a sound duplication engineer, or setting sound levels for my and other bands in live situations at shows. I won a Hollywood award for animation in 2000. I know sound. And it’s my opinion that audio portions of Sarah Palin’s March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was more welcome than she was. I know. I was there. They added laughter where there was none during uncomfortable portions. Well, there was some laughter. Mine, of derision. During those pregnant pauses in her performance I was laughing long and loud, couldn’t help myself as much of what she was saying was utterly surreal, ridiculous, hypocritical – nonsense, spewed platitudes, pushed buttons. I was seriously thinking of leaving as it was getting hysterically unfunny. After sitting through the taping of the show in the studio I can recount many portions where there was little or no laughter or response, but at the later broadcast they are smoothed over with applause and laughter that WERE NOT THERE at the taping. Groans, hoots, grumbling, or just dead silence – all missing. MORE

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