INSTANT KARMA: Cheney Suffered ‘Mild’ Heart Attack

cheney_satan.jpgABC NEWS: Former Vice President Dick Cheney‘s office says he had a “mild heart attack” this week — his fifth — but is in stable condition and will be released from the hospital in a couple of days. “Former Vice President Cheney was admitted to GW Hospital after experiencing chest pain,” his office said in a statement. “Lab testing revealed evidence of a mild heart attack. He underwent a stress test and a heart catheterization. He is feeling good and is expected to be discharged in the next day or two.” Cheney has been working the phones from the hospital today. He has spoken to Vice President Joe Biden and former President George W. Bush. This week, Bush and Cheney are expected to meet for the first time since they left office. Bush is going over to Cheney’s house for coffee on Thursday and on Friday they will attend a breakfast reunion in Washington sponsored by the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association, the official group of political appointees who worked in the administration. As of now, there is no indication it will be cancelled due to Cheney’s health issue. MORE

POSSIBLY RELATED: Dick Cheney’s charges that the country is less safe because of the way Barack Obama has handled national security matters don’t hold water, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday. “To suggest that somehow we have become much less safer because of the actions of the administration, I don’t think that’s borne out by the facts,” Powell said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” MORE

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