ARCHIVE: Thirteen Astonishing Things You Are NOT Supposed To Know About Spoon


1. Britt Daniel has never killed anyone. “Technically, no,” he says when asked.

2. “Don’t Make Me A Target” was originally titled “Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Nader.”

3. Spoon is named after the Can song of the same name. Britt first learned about Kraut Rock in the 11th grade from his obsessive study of every word uttered by Julian Cope.

4. Britt Daniel may have voted for Ralph Nader instead of Al Gore in 2000. “I think maybe I did,” he says when asked.

5. Britt Daniel is 38 years old and has NEVER had a perm. Not yet, anyway.

6. Spoon is in the “planning stages” of a tour of Mexican border towns. “We are trying to figure out right now which towns have a bar or a hotel we can take over for the night.”

7. Britt Daniel is calling from the set of Conan, who is “very affable and taller than he looks on television.” However, everybody knows Letterman has better cookies in the Green Room (try the Snickerdoodle, it’s to die for). Besides, Leno is the “most easygoing laid back TV experience” an edgy rock band can have.

8. Britt Daniel left Austin, Texas — his home base for the last 12 years — two years ago for Portland. Heperm.jpg followed a girl.

9. Portland is better than Austin in the summer, he says, but Austin has much better Mexican food all year round. Try Matt’s El Rancho, it his favorite joint in town.

10. The best part of doing SNL last was meeting Will Arnett. Spoon are HUGE Arrested Development fans.




*Astonishing facts numbers 11-13 are so SHOCKING and OBSCENE that we self-censored for fear of being brought up on morals charges.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally appeared on Phawker in October of 2007

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