SEASONS GREETINGS: Happy Happy Presidents Day


CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Is it Presidents Day or President’s Day or Presidents’ Day? Life used to be simpler.George Washington, the father of our country, was celebrated on his birthday, Feb. 22. But society has all but erased the accomplishments of the most dynamic figure to ever walk on the American stage. Beginning in 1971, we spinelessly designated the third Monday in February as Presidents’ Day.One school of thought holds that Presidents’ Day now honors both Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Horsefeathers! It would seem the celebrations of our two greatest presidents are now dictated by auto dealers and department stores that lobbied for one super February holiday to boost mid-winter sales. One senses a case of commerce driving history and holidays, the result being that neither of our greatest president’s birthdays is celebrated on the dates they were born (Lincoln was born on Feb. 12). MORE

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