THE MAN WHO OWED TOO MUCH: Top Parking Scofflaw Owes PPA $40,580 In Unpaid Tickets


Yesterday the Philadelphia Parking Authority released a list of the names of th top 25 scofflaws in the hopes of shaming them into coughing up the combined $308,000 they owe in unpaid parking tickets. They are as follows:

Faraco Knife Grinding Services, Pennsburg, Pa., $40.580scofflaw2_copy_2.thumbnail.jpg

Sergio M. Claudio, Philadelphia, $21,444

Sharwin L. Coates, Philadelphia, $18,812

Alberto Galue, Philadelphia $18,398

New Century Travel Inc., Philadelphia, $16,320

Sharonda Everett, Philadelphia, $15,972.70

Anthony G. Dowd, Philadelphia, $14,477.25

Willians Nafis, Philadelphia, $13,408.75

James P. Fiscaro, Philadelphia $12,972

Faith Brown, Philadelphia, $12,473

Kenneth Brockington, Philadelphia, $11,991.40scofflaw2_copy_2.thumbnail.jpg

Lafayette Outen, Philadelphia, $11,149.20v

Christopher Harden, Philadelphia, $11,106.65

Frederick Tarasatana, Philadelphia, $10,485

Abraham Vaughn, Philadelphia, $9,777

Donagew Builders, Drexel Hill, Pa., $9,632

Joseph Doe, Philadelphia, $9,206.20

Arnetta Johnson, Philadelphia, $8,351

Joanna Pakuris, Philadelphia, $8,021.75

Tom and Susan McShane, Maple Shade, NJ, $6,679

Colmon Holmes, Philadelphia, $6,353.00scofflaw2_copy_2.thumbnail.jpg

Shirley T. Bryant, Philadelphia, $6,219.30

Kesha Blue, Philadelphia, $5,958.95

Avery Copeland, Philadelphia, $4,700,25

James Bruson Jr., Philadelphia, $3,705.50

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