HAITI: Give Locally, Act Globally


[photo by Gerald Herbert/AP via THE BIG PICTURE]

HAITIAN PROFESSIONALS OF PHILADELPHIA: Many of us are still in a state of shock but we have hope that we can assist Haiti’s relief. As an organization that prides itself in keeping the rich culture of Haiti alive in Philadelphia, the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia (HPP) send our deepest and most sincere condolences to our Haitian family in our area and around the world. From the generous donation of Blue Star Jets, we have secured a private jumbo jet to transport medical professionals and supplies to Haiti. We are in need of DOCTORS, NURSES and DONATIONS to go to Haiti in order to provide medical care. HPP is currently coordinating with Beyond Borders, The Red Cross, The World Food Program,  The Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia, the Haitian Clergy of Philadelphia, the Mayor’s Office, Temple Haitian Student Association, University of Pennsylvania Haitian Student Association, Philadelphia Young Democrats, political officials and other Haitian organizations in the surrounding area to accomplish the header.pngfollowing…MORE

BBC: Survivor Jackson tells the BBC he has just found his wife under the rubble: “We just got married. I just married my wife, and now I don’t know what to do. She spent three days under the rubble of the building, and today I found her.”…Time magazine reporter Saul Schwarz says he has seen at least two downtown roadblocks made out of bodies of earthquake victims and rocks – Reuters. “It’s getting ugly out there, people are fed up with getting no help,” he tells the news agency….Yael Talleyrand in Jacmel tweets:”Just got back from downtown – shocked to the highest possible level.” A US rescue team spent five hours freeing one man from rubble in Port-au-Prince. One of the rescuers, Sam Gray said there was “an incredible amount of devastation and an incredible amount of people who will probably lose their lives” in the country. “Honestly the hardest part is knowing how many people aren’t going to be saved,” he said…Firesideint, in Port-au-Prince, tweets: “Things are usually not as bad as the news says. Sincerely, this is worse… Dead bodies everywhere. City starting to smell like rotting flesh. Men are starting to collect bodies off of the streets. Saw a truck piled high. Recovery efforts are underway but SMALL. A person here or there. No heroics. Just desperation. Many people praying as they walk.” MORE

Uncle_Sam_Obama_1.jpgNEW YORK TIMES: President Barack Obama and the U.S. moved to take charge in earthquake-ravaged Haiti on Thursday, dispatching thousands of troops along with tons of aid to try to keep order as well as rescue the suffering in a country dysfunctional in the best of times. Tested by the first large-scale humanitarian disaster of his presidency, Obama ordered a relief effort of historic proportions despite the strains it was sure to put on both the stretched U.S. budget and military forces fighting two wars. He pledged an initial $100 million — with the likelihood of more later. Aware of the steep political cost George W. Bush paid for an ineffective response to Hurricane Katrina, the White House has labored to show intensive engagement by Obama since immediately after the 7.0-magnitude quake late Tuesday afternoon. Details of evening Situation Room meetings, phone calls with world leaders and canceled events were being released almost hourly. MORE

LOS ANGELES TIMES: As the first wave of international aid arrived today in Haiti, MTV announced that actor George Clooney will host of a bi-coastal telethon next week to raise money and support for the relief effort. The Jan. 22 fundraiser will air on all the MTV Networks channels. MORE

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