SWEET OBLIVION: Jay Reatard, Pitchfork Fest 2008, photo by TIFFANY YOON

UPDATE: According to the Fox Memphis, “Memphis Police are searching for a possible suspect in Wednesday’s death of Memphis musician Jay Reatard at his Cooper-Young home. Officers were called to the 900-block of Meda around 3:30am and found 29-year old Jimmy Lindsey, Jr., also known as Jay Reatard, dead on arrival. The Homicide Bureau is handling this as an ongoing investigation.” MORE

MATADOR: We are devastated by the death of Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr., aka Jay Reatard. Jay was as full of life as anyone we’ve ever met, and responsible for so many memorable moments as a person and artist. We’re honored to have known and worked with him, and we will miss him terribly.

jay-reatard-twitpic.jpgGONER RECORDS: R.I.P. JAY REATARD  It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our good friend Jay Reatard. Jay died in his sleep last night. We will pass along information about funeral arrangements when they are made public.

SPIN: The Memphis police have opened an investigation into the rocker’s death, said spokesperson Jennifer Robinson. Lindsey was found around 3:30 A.M. in his bed. Details regarding his passing are scarce, but just days ago Lindsey Tweeted that he was feeling sick. MORE

EXCLAIM NEWS: [Recentlyly] Reatard seemed to be scrapping with New Jersey band Liquor Store. The garage punk outfit, which include former members of Titus Andronicus, allegedly slashed the tires on Reatard’s tour van. On the Terminal Boredom message board, Reatard’s Facebook page was quoted as saying: “Little bitches in Liquor Store just stab [sic] my tires! I will kill you.” Little else is known about what happened at this point, but Terminal Boredom user stellar-active allegedly spoke with members of Liquor Store, saying, “The story is amazing. It involves freebasing, a disco ball, $50,000 cash, and a chainsaw. I can’t spoil it.” Yesterday (January 11), Reatard wrote the following Tweet: “I will give anyone a hundred bucks per tire that they pop on the band Liquor Store’s van! Yes I’m serious.” MORE

J. BENNET: “Shit Magnet”

NEW YORK TIMES: In an article for The New York Times, Mike Rubin wrote that Jay Reatard’s album debut solo album “Blood Visions” revealed “Mr. ole-817_painted_shut.jpgLindsey’s talent for distilling punk songwriting to its most elemental form, a mix of adrenaline, testosterone and sugary hooks. Delivered in an ersatz English accent, songs like ‘My Shadow’ were reminiscent of late-1970s British punk, particularly bands like Wire and the Adverts, whose former leader, TV Smith, was tapped by Mr. Lindsey as the opening act for his recent tour.” MORE

BIG TAKEOVER: Any reader of this blog knows how big of a JAY REATARD fan I am. This was my sixth time seeing him play in the last several years and four of those shows have been at Johnny Brenda’s. On his first visit to Philadelphia since the August release of his fantastic and unfairly maligned new Lp Watch Me Fall, this was also my first time hearing him play material from the album. It didn’t dominate, though, as the set still opened with “Blood Visions”, the title track of his incredible 2006 solo debut, and also featured plenty of songs from Blood Visions as well as the numerous singles he’s released since 2006 as well. It’s hard to really give highlights since his sets are fast, furious and straight to the point. As usual, this was a 35 minute, wham bam thank you mam dropkick that left you wanting more and gasping at the onslaught of speed, precision and melody on stage. MORE

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