SEX4TICKETS TRIAL: Like A Bad Romance Novel


INQUIRER: She arrived at Manny Brown’s at 7:30 that night and walked up to a man sitting at the bar. Officer Michael Brady was in plain clothes and wearing the Penn State jacket. She asked if his name was Bob. He said “yes.” Three more undercover officers, including Bugsch, sat at a table about 15 feet away, Brady said. Brady testified that Finkelstein said she was married but in a very open relationship and that her husband knew she was a prostitute but didn’t care. Finkelstein continued, Brady said, telling him, “I’m a whore. I love sex. I just can’t help it.” At one point, Brady testified, Finkelstein pulled up her denim skirt, allowing him to see that she was not wearing underwear. Shortly after, Brady gave the signal to arrest her. MORE

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PREVIOUSLY: WORLD SERIES: Bensalem Woman Arrested For Offering To Trade Sex For Series Tickets

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