ANSWER: Is That All There Is To An Iverson Bounce?


INQUIRER: On Wednesday night, for the game after Allen Iverson’s emotional return, the energy at the Wachovia Center regressed to pre-Iverson levels. On Monday, a sold-out crowd of 20,664 packed the arena for Iverson’s “debut.” Two nights later, 12,136 people watched the Detroit Pistons beat the Sixers, 90-86 — a difference of 8,528. Iverson’s effectiveness dropped, too. He scored 11 points both nights, but on Wednesday, he had six turnovers and performed as he had warned, needing to knock the dust off. When the Sixers signed Iverson, their losing streak was at eight games. Since then, they have played three more — one without Iverson at Charlotte — and the streak has reached 11. MORE

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