STYLE COUNCIL: Sidewalking

Brieanna Fuller, 24, Visual MIT, Free People King of Prussia

Favorite Shops: Free People, various boutiques in Philly, Super Thrift, Circle Thrift

Her Style:
“Runway inspired, but definitely a rocker-chic edge to it. I love all different types of fashion so I incorporate them all into a cohesive look.”

Favorite Accessories: Rings, gift from sister from Vienna and from her favorite salon in Harrisburg
scarf: Urban Outfitters

Current Look: Rocker accents.  Prim and yet effortless.  Mixing different textures with cut off Levi’s jean shorts, fun tights, bohemian/rocker inspired jewelry, and always a definitive apparel item like an ‘awesome scarf’  or semi-structured jacket.


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