DAILY NEWS: An Obamacare Explainer


DAILY NEWS:The U.S. House already has passed a sweeping health-care bill, and the Senate narrowly voted Nov. 21 to open debate on its own measure, crafted by Majority Leader Harry Reid. If the Senate approves a bill and the two houses of Congress work out an agreeable plan, we could have the most significant new domestic program enacted since Social Security. “I think we’ll see a bill passed, and there’s a pretty good chance of including a public [insurance option,” said Pennsylvania’s newly Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter. “We have to take one step at a time.” The battle will be intensely partisan, and Organizing for America, a group funded by the Democratic National Committee, has targeted U.S. representatives like suburban Republican Jim Gerlach who voted against the House health-care bill, but whose districts voted for President Obama in 2008. Gerlach said that he’s used to critical ads and e-mail dumps from such activists, but plans to oppose any “government-run approach [to health care that will create too many tax increases and cost millions of jobs.” Conservative groups will work just as hard to keep Republicans and moderate Democrats from backing anything like the current bills. Here are some questions and answers about the health-care-reform bills. MORE

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