CONCERT REVIEW: Wolfmother + Mom = FAIL


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BY JAMIE DAVIS For my first concert review for Phawker, I asked if I could cover the Wolfmother show at the Electric Factory on Saturday. Fine, says Phawker. Problem is, I can’t take the car out past 11 PM as I am only 17 and only have my Cinderella license, so I thought I’d let my friend Sasha drive. He said that he could and everything was cool, or so I thought. A few hours before the show, as I was printing the directions, his mom calls and tells me that Sasha has to be home by 11 tonight. Sasha has never been known to follow these rules before, so I just kind of agree half-heartedly so no trouble gets started. I figured everything would work out eventually, I’ll at least get to hear a few songs and then bullshit the rest of the review right? [HEY! — The Ed.] So we get to the Electric Factory and I’m ready to rock. Wolfmother’s first CD was a big part of 10th grade for me, and I had given up hope of ever seeing them after the entire band besides the singer quit last spring. But they were back, and the new CD wasn’t terrible either. We go into the venue and stand behind some stoners who are way too excited wolfmother_album_cover_1.jpgabout the Wolfmother t-shirts they just bought. We stand in the same spot for the next three hours. The first opening band, thenewno2 were great. Really awkward performers, but musically very good. (I later found out that the singer was George Harrison’s son. They looked exactly alike.) Then we stood around for a bit longer. The next band Heartless Bastards were also good, but the stoners were having none of it. Now even more excited, they started yelling “WOLFMOTHER” as loud as they could at the already shaky lead singer. I mean, her guitar broke at the beginning of the first song. Not cool, dudes. Finally they finish and I’m still ready. There is a massive backdrop with the Wolfmother’s logo on it. The amps are all ready to go, their kit is all set up, it all looks great. I can almost hear the opening chords to “Joker and the Thief.” And then we have to leave. Just a quick “alright dude, we gotta peace like, right now” and that’s it. No Wolfmother, no reliving 10th grade, just some more jokes from the homeless guy on the way back to the car. So you all will be getting no review of the show. Just this fairly short story, illustrating why not being 18 still sucks.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jamie Davis is a senior at Kimberton Waldorf High School.  He enjoys Blink-182 more than any Thom Yorke fan should.

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