WORTH REPEATING: All Hail The Paper Boy

paperboy3_1.jpgDAILY NEWS: They call him Number One, and after 50 years Jim Phelan has earned the nickname. Phelan, 69, started delivering the Daily News in 1959, following in his father’s tracks. Number One (or Fancy Feet, as they called him back when he wore his trademark black-and-white saddle shoes) is the longest-serving driver in the Teamsters local that delivers the paper. In fact, Phelan’s supervisor, Jim DePasquale, said that when Phelan told him about his years of service, “I thought he was lying. . . . Then I looked up his hiring and seniority list – and he’s Number One . . . the next-closest guy is 12 to 13 years away.” Today, in recognition of his five decades of service, Number One has a paid day off. But he hopes to be at the plant by 6 a.m. anyway as the guest of honor at breakfast with drivers and plant operators. And as drivers return from their rounds, they will have hoagies together as well. MORE

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