BENSALEM 911: It Took FIVE Cops To Bust Woman Allegedly Offering Sex-For-World-Series-Tickets


NEW YORK POST: Within an hour of posting the ad, Finkelstein recounted, she heard from a man who said he was a construction worker and claimed to have an extra ticket. Finkelstein wanted to meet “somewhere I’d feel safe,” so she agreed to go to Bucks County to meet at Manny Brown’s, a popular bar and restaurant. “He had a couple of beers, and he bought me one,” Finkelstein said. They then started talking. “We were jovial, friendly, joking —the normal kind of conversation you would have sitting with someone you just met.” Citing the pending charges, Finkelstein declined to disclose specifics of the conversation — but said they never even got around to talking money. “I told him that ideally, I would like two tickets, one for me, and one for my husband,” Finkelstein said, and the man told her he’d call his brother to ask about another ticket. “He kind of walked away from the bar a little and start dialing,” Finkelstein said. “That’s when I was arrested and handcuffed.” Four other undercovers [NOT pictured, above], who’d finkelstein.jpgbeen sitting a table near the bar, made the collar. MORE

DAILY NEWS: Susan Finkelstein, the 43-year-old Southwest Philadelphia woman allegedly willing to trade sex for Phillies tickets, is getting her tickets without sex. On Friday, Finkelstein, the assistant PR director of Penn’s Wistar Institute, will receive two tickets for Saturday’s Phillies-Yankees game, the first one to be played in Philadelphia and the third in the World Series. Last night, Finkelstein, also a University of Pennsylvania master’s-degree candidate in liberal arts, told “Inside Edition,” aired locally on CBS 3, that she never intended to offer sex for tickets in the ad that she placed on Craigslis. MORE

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