MAILBAG: “Leonard Cohen Is Not A ‘Great Man'”



Leonard Cohen is not a great man. He appears to have committed criminal tax fraud that I reported to the IRS, probably perjured himself in Phil Spector’s grand jury, defrauded me of millions, and seems to think it’s acceptable to lie in every courtroom he shows up in. There is nothing great about a calculated fraud liar. I am praying that Phil Spector nails him on his probable perjury and I personally will be litigating my own situation against him in the not too distant future. While journalists may be awed by a man who also appears to have a pattern of stealing from his advisers (Marty Machat comes to mind) ordinary folks are not impressed with his involvement with the destruction of my life. I’m not particularly impressed by his lawyer’s Declaration in my young son’s custody matter (which I view as coercion, witness tampering, an attempt to obstruct justice, etc.) and I found it truly deranged that he went into my young son’s father’s office to “allege” that I had sex with Oliver Stone. This just confirmed, to me, that Cohen is obsessed with me and keenly interested in my sex life. I never had sex with Oliver Stone and I was not Leonard Cohen’s lover. He is merely a pathelogical liar who believes Phil Spector and I will take the fall for him.

Kelley Lynch [former manager of Leonard Cohen]



To those of you who have not yet been “lucky” enough to meet Kelley Lynch on the internet, you are hereby warned that she is a very disturbed woman so filled with hate and desire for revenge that I believe she can be dangerous to anyone who gets involved with her and her crazy rantings.

Ms. Lynch was indeed Leonard Cohen’s personal manager for several years. However, a few years ago Leonard Cohen discovered that Ms. Lynch had stolen and mismanaged his entire savings. Cohen fired her, sued her and won a kelley-lynch-et-leonard-cohen.jpgjudgement of $7.9 million. However, Ms. Lynch vanished and never made an attempt to pay back the money she stole from the old poet, instead she (from where ever she was hiding) started to harass Mr. Cohen and his lawyer (E-mails and phonecalls). In 2008 Leonard Cohen obtained a restraining order against Ms. Lynch, which she accepted, but she then started a vicious hate campaign against Leonard Cohen by targeting every newspaper/magazine forum and blog who would bring a favorable review of a performance. Ms Lynch has in the most disgusting manner slandered and lied about Mr. Cohen and his family; she has accused him of every crime in the book from tax fraud, thief, child molester, perjurer and much more. Any blogger who will respond and disagree or object to her brutal attacks, she will verbally abuse and often threaten to “report” to the Department of Justice or even at one point to “Department of Crimes against Humanity” in Haag, for making her look and sound “not credible” and for obstructing justice. She will also turn things around and play the “Victim”, accusing all who in a disagreeable way replies to her postings, that we are “l stupid, insane liers that are cyberstalking and harassing her, her children and parents and destroying her life.

In the past few years Ms. Lynch has sent several hundred E-mails to the IRS and other public offices and demanded that they investigate and punish Leonard Cohen and everybody she believes are in conspiracy with him to destroy her life. For several years she has “been waiting” for Bruce Cutler or some other high profile lawyer from Phil Spector’s legal team” to knock on her door and take her law suit against Cohen and others.

Ms. Lynch has been banned from practically every blog and forum she has posted on as most of the blogs she has established herself have been removed for “Slanderous and hateful content”.

It should be noted that Leonard Cohen has never been arrested, charged or prosecuted for any wrong doing as well as he has never responded to Ms. Lynch’s slanderous hate campaign, and since the legal matters were finalized he has never publicly spoken of Ms. Lynch or her bertrayals.

Susanne Walsh


THE CANADIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA: TAKE AN ICONIC ARTIST, mix in missing millions, hints of tantric sex, a lawsuit replete with other salacious details, and a ruptured relationship with a long-time, trusted associate, and you’ve got the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. Except in the case of Leonard COHEN, it’s a true tale, with the bizarre twist of a Tibetan Buddhist suing a Zen Buddhist, Cohen. For the 70-year-old poet, singer and songwriter, it’s a nasty, rapidly escalating legal battle that on the one hand accuses him of conspiracy and extortion, and on the other has him accusing both his highly trusted personal manager and long-time financial adviser – the Tibetan Buddhist – of gross mismanagement of his financial affairs. The case exposes not only private details of Cohen’s finances, but also a dramatic tale of betrayal.

The conflict, which Cohen and others have tried to keep out of public view, has left him virtually broke – he’s had to leonard_cohen_im_your_man_1.jpgtake out a mortgage on his house to pay legal costs – and facing a multi-million-dollar tax bill. […] The conflict was triggered last fall when Cohen was tipped off by an insider that a lot of money was missing from his accounts. All that remained of his retirement savings was the $150,000, funds that today he can’t get at as a result of the tangled legal web he finds himself in. Greenberg’s suit portrays the soulful songwriter as an artist who paid little attention to his financial affairs and so was easily duped by a conniving personal manager. Cohen says he tried quietly, and confidentially, to find out from his various managers where the money had gone. Cohen calls the case “a tragedy,” suggesting he was exploited by trusted advisers. He uses words like “greed, concealment, and reckless disregard,” and says firmly he did nothing wrong. “I can assure you, within reason, I took every precaution except to question the fidelity of my closest associates.”

UNTIL COHEN fired her last fall, Kelley Lynch had been his personal manager for almost 17 years. Back in 1988, she’d been working as an assistant to his then-manager, who died that year. Because she was knowledgeable about Cohen’s business affairs and recording contracts, he had her take over. Over the years, the two developed a personal and professional relationship. Fifteen years ago, they had a brief affair. “It was a casual sexual arrangement. It was mutually enjoyed and terminated,” he says. “I never spent the night.” The end of the affair didn’t affect their bond. “We were very, very close friends,” Cohen says today. “I liked her immensely. Our families were close – she was helpful when I was raising my daughter; I employed her father.” He even named her in his living will, giving her the power to decide, in certain circumstances, if he would live or die. He handed her vast powers of attorney. He trusted her implicitly. And he believed the relationship was mutual. MORE

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